New Reviews Are In


by Zoltan James

“This is unforgettable.  Every time I water my elephant, I think of this blog.” – Sarah Groon.

“You’ll never feel like a lonesome pigeon when you’re curled up in bed with this blog.” – Lawrence McNurly

“When my friend, Humboldt, told me about this blog, it was like a gift.” – Solomon Bellicose

“When I was a kid, my old man took me out to the sea and told me that someday a blog like this would come along.  He was right.”  – Ernesto Wayhemmedin.

“You read some blogs and you might as well let them blow away with the wind.  Not this one. I told my butler, this one’s worth a ‘damn.'” – Maggie Mitchum

Remember: Make Every Hour Your Happy Hour



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2 responses to “New Reviews Are In

  1. I’ve seen these authors’ names on the NYT jestseller’s list numerous times! How exciting to think that after imbibing in happy hour they even burped it — I mean blurbed it!

  2. “The NYT jestseller’s list” is very funny — as well as the rest of your comment!! I may have to “borrow” that line one of these days. LOL!

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