Six Word Christmas Stories

In the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway’s colleagues bet him that he couldn’t write a complete story in just six words.  They paid up.  He wrote:  “For sale: baby shoes, never used.”  Since then, there have been many literary contests and a few websites devoted to six word stories.  With that inspiration, I offer you “Six word stories for Christmas.”    Please send me your own and I’ll post the best ones here.


Santa’s home early.  Whose sleigh that?

Santa found out who’s naughty.  Cool.

Elves prank: Santa’s list. Invisible ink.

Santa delayed.  Caught in space junk.

Friendly dog.  So thought Santa Claus.

Wished for BB gun.  Postman injured.

Reindeer.  Struck by lightening.  Nose glows.

Yuletide Carol: Hot by the fire.

Women Magi would have arrived sooner.

Snowman’s dilemma: To date hot women.

Santa slides off roof.  News now.

Reindeers plunge off roof.  Follow suit.

Eight tiny reindeer?  No more scotch.

She wants diamond.  He wants dinner.

Mistletoe.  She arrives with canker sore.

# # #

Make Every Hour Your Happy Hour and Merry Christmas to All!



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2 responses to “Six Word Christmas Stories

  1. Frosty’s freezing, give him a coat

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