More Confessions of an Ordinary Guy — 3

by Zoltan James

1.  Yesterday, I upset the apple cart.  Core mistake.

2.  Hate to admit this, but I still can’t read Chinese.

3.  The other day I buttoned my lip.  Nuff said.

4.  This will float your boat.  I forgot to trim the sails and batten the hatches.  Don’t ask about the poop deck.

5.  I used to date a very pretty girl named Anna Log.  Had to break it off.  I felt she was behind the times.

6.  I never did get a kick out of playing soccer.   But, I did get kicked out of Duffy’s Bar and Grille, a time or two.

7.  The other day my dog asked if he could drive.  I said, “Sure.  Where we going?”

He said, “Duffy’s.”

8.  I like to part my hair every day.  But, I won’t split hairs.

9.  I like a drink now and then.  More now, than then, to be honest.

10.  I don’t like reading dictionaries.  Too wordy.

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5 responses to “More Confessions of an Ordinary Guy — 3

  1. Piaseczny PR

    Comic relief is always welcome–thank you for sharing!

  2. Laz

    ZJ, please don’t quit your day job, but if you come to Indian River we’ll reserve a comedy room for you @ Piney. (5 star hole in the wall)

  3. Bob Irwin

    You stayed up late for this one !!!

  4. Zoltan, you are incorrigible.

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