Things I Did Today

A poem by Zoltan James

April 25, 2010

While no two days are alike

I find that I like each day for what it is

And the day seems to fill quickly like

Sand sifting in the hourglass or like a time sequence

Movie of the sun arcing across the sky in rapid jerky motion

From early morn in the east to sunset in the west.

And, in between, I fill the day with important and not-so-

Important tasks like showering, shaving, brushing my teeth

To walking and feeding the dogs to bringing in the paper

With its old news and sorting junk mail and catalogs I don’t want

To meeting with clients to make grand plans and meet deadlines

And writing another page or two in my unfinished novel and

Stacking the dishwasher with plates that held our delicious dinner

That you made for us without one thought of regret and once

Again brushing my teeth before burrowing under the comforter

In the dark touching your nose with mine to find your lips

And with a final kiss for the day saying, “I love you.”

# # #


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