My Memoir (in six words)

by Zoltan James – March 12, 2010 — Happy words lead to happy lives.

Add your own, if you dare.



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14 responses to “My Memoir (in six words)

  1. ZJ that was to easy even for me.

    Lived Laughed Loved Cried Learned Missed

  2. donna

    And seven words……..
    “Smile and everyone will wonder what you’re doing.”

  3. Your next challenge is your memoir in a haiku. Or how about a tweet in 140 characters?

  4. Ed Hikok

    Mediocrity . . . or halfway up the mountain.

  5. Been there, done that, laughed heartily!

  6. Erik

    Daily regimen; love smile touch feel

  7. Ingrid

    NPR did something similar called, Tell Your Life in Six Words. This was mine:

    Grief was my path to Joy.

  8. Laugh, giggle, empower and be empowered, JOY

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